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Informal western style wedding dress

Going Rustic with Western Wedding Dresses

  A wedding is your best excuse to wear extravagantly. When it comes to a western wedding, it is best to pick western wedding dresses for their simple, rustic yet elegant appearance and is common in many weddings across the United States. Drawing in themes of simplicity elegance and a deep connection to the Earth, Read More

Go Green with Eco-Friendly Wedding Dresses

  Organic dresses Organic materials are not only completely wearable, they are durable and resistant to mould. For beach or other outdoor settings, you may opt for embroidered knee-length doll dress made of organic cotton. An evening gown made of hand-woven and naturally dyed organic silks, lined with organic cotton is another great option. You Read More

Living a Fairy Tale with Fairy Wedding Dresses

  Unique, otherworldly and ethereal. These are but a few words one can describe Fairy Wedding Dresses. Commonly used in weddings in Europe, fairytale wedding gowns give off an elegant and regal aura using only the most simplistic of designs. Due to them looking like straight out from the story books, these gowns are best Read More

Short Summer Wedding Dresses

  Short summer wedding dresses are very suitable wedding dress to be chosen in summer. The summer is a season condition where wedding party can be held well. We know that wedding party held on the summer usually uses outdoor wedding party concept such as, a beach, resort, garden, or everywhere that can make you Read More