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Modest Lace Wedding Dress

Modest Wedding Dresses: Simply Beautiful

  If the bride is reserved and she just wanted a discreet wedding, she would probably opt for a modest wedding dress. This kind of wedding dress is very simple and not something flashy or that shows a lot of skin. It’s not required to be traditionally white but light colors will do as long Read More

Short Wedding Reception Dress

Short Wedding Reception Dresses

  A short wedding reception dress is a typical dress that is always used by women who are receptionists. There are many different kinds of dresses that can be worn by a woman to make her look more elegant. In every wedding, the receptionist is an important role because they are the first person that Read More

Vintage Lace Wedding Dresses

Vintage Lace Wedding Dresses

  Vintage lace wedding dresses are used by women all over the world for their weddings. Many of them like the design of this dress. Short and mini become the favorable types of dress nowadays since most of the women always try to look different from usual. There are many of them today who want Read More

Gothic Wedding Dresses: Edgy and Mysterious

  For brides that exudes a gothic aura, they might also dream of a wedding dress fit to their style. Gothic fashion which is generally in the color of black can be described with words like mysterious, dark, eerie, edgy, etc. Gothic dresses originated from funeral dresses way back from the Victorian era. Nowadays, gothic Read More

Wedding Dress Fit for a Princess

  Fondness of fairy tales can lead to a dream of feeling like a princess during a woman’s wedding. Of course, this starts with choosing the right princess wedding dress which is usually like a ball gown. These wedding dresses are inspired by princesses in fairy tales like Cinderella, the classic Princess Diana or the Read More

Hippie Wedding Dresses for Bohemian Brides

  Those who have always wanted a hippie themed wedding need not worry about finding the perfect gown because gorgeous hippie wedding dresses are becoming more popular these days. Their uniquely whimsical designs exude bohemian chic which perfectly suits a stylish and offbeat bride who wants her hippie personality to shine on her wedding day. Read More

Short Lace Wedding Dresses

  Short lace wedding dresses are becoming more popular once again in the present culture. The greatest advantage this wedding dress has over the other wedding dress is its versatility. You can combine the present modern look and yet give some essence of old school style into the wedding dress. The lace on the wedding Read More

‘In’ with Casual Wedding Dresses

  Casual wedding dresses are best for civil or beach weddings. Even with simple casual wedding dresses, a few touches of elegance can make a difference. They are available in different styles like strapless top or sleeves depending on the preference and personality of the bride-to-be. The casual wedding dresses complement the place of wedding Read More

Lace Short Wedding Dresses 2014

Lace Short Wedding Dresses

  Lace short wedding dresses are one of the designs included in lace wedding dress repertoire. Lace wedding dress popularity has become quite popular this day onward. The lace wedding dress gives a more flexibility and versatile looks in its appearance. Wearer can still looks modern in their lace wedding dress choice yet it also Read More