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Sweetheart Fairytale Style Wedding Dress

Fairytale Wedding Dresses: Making Dreams Come True

  Have you ever had the dream of having a fairytale theme for your wedding day? This would mean that you would certainly need to look the part with fairytale wedding dresses. Common in wedding across Europe, these styles will have their wearers look like outlandish yet elegant beings straight from the story books the Read More

Plus Size Non Traditional Wedding Dresses

Dazzle in Non Traditional Wedding Dresses

  Historically, brides from all around the world have gotten married in a wide spectrum of colorful wedding dresses – from the vivid hues of fuchsia, red and gold to regal shades of blue, purple and black. Back then, brides rarely purchased a wedding dress. Instead, to represent their standing in the society, they wore Read More

Informal western style wedding dress

Going Rustic with Western Wedding Dresses

  A wedding is your best excuse to wear extravagantly. When it comes to a western wedding, it is best to pick western wedding dresses for their simple, rustic yet elegant appearance and is common in many weddings across the United States. Drawing in themes of simplicity elegance and a deep connection to the Earth, Read More

Informal Short White Wedding Dresses

Informal Short Wedding Dresses

  Informal short wedding dresses are wedding dresses designed especially for informal wedding day concept. Term informal can represent something that is not bounded by formal culture of the wedding day. Backyard wedding, destination wedding, beach wedding and second wedding usually use the informal wedding day concept. In those place concepts brides usually wear informal Read More

Gothic Wedding Dresses: Edgy and Mysterious

  For brides that exudes a gothic aura, they might also dream of a wedding dress fit to their style. Gothic fashion which is generally in the color of black can be described with words like mysterious, dark, eerie, edgy, etc. Gothic dresses originated from funeral dresses way back from the Victorian era. Nowadays, gothic Read More

Go Green with Eco-Friendly Wedding Dresses

  Organic dresses Organic materials are not only completely wearable, they are durable and resistant to mould. For beach or other outdoor settings, you may opt for embroidered knee-length doll dress made of organic cotton. An evening gown made of hand-woven and naturally dyed organic silks, lined with organic cotton is another great option. You Read More

Wear Dream-like Informal Wedding Dresses

  If the theme of the wedding does not aim for extravagance but simplicity and relaxed, wearing informal wedding dresses is ideal. These dresses are worn for a wedding wherein only the family and close friends are invited. It is more like a family gathering or get-together. There is no trouble in wearing these kinds Read More

Marry on a Merry Season with a Christmas Wedding Dress

  What could be more heartwarming season for a wedding than Christmas? Having such magical aura of a winter wonderland, you need not worry what you will set the aisle ablaze with. The snow is a magnificent backdrop for Christmas wedding dresses. Raise some temperature with a long sleeved gown embroidered with lace or a Read More

Informal Wedding Dresses

  Informal wedding dressesĀ are certainly among popular wedding dresses. These dresses are very popular in the realm of famous people. Many people around the world use these dresses as their references since it makes them look more elegant. The looks of this dress is not like other dresses. It is simpler and not complicated like Read More

Hippie Wedding Dresses for Bohemian Brides

  Those who have always wanted a hippie themed wedding need not worry about finding the perfect gown because gorgeous hippie wedding dresses are becoming more popular these days. Their uniquely whimsical designs exude bohemian chic which perfectly suits a stylish and offbeat bride who wants her hippie personality to shine on her wedding day. Read More

Be A Stunner on Your Fancy Wedding Dress

  This floor-length dress always makes you look far from simple. Mermaid tail gowns are the most fascinating style for brides because their tail could flare out wildly with large overlying ruffles (usually made of silk, satin, or taffeta). This, in effect, brings forth your seductive womanly curves. It could be made even more striking Read More

Funky Wedding Dresses For Fun Weddings

  Funky wedding dresses are for offbeat, stylish and daring brides who want a wedding gown as unique and fun as their personalities. After all, weddings are once-in-a-lifetime moments for most brides and what better way to celebrate it than be a one-of-a-kind bride in an unforgettable and show-stopping funky wedding dress. Funky wedding dresses Read More