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Sweetheart Fairytale Style Wedding Dress

Fairytale Wedding Dresses: Making Dreams Come True

  Have you ever had the dream of having a fairytale theme for your wedding day? This would mean that you would certainly need to look the part with fairytale wedding dresses. Common in wedding across Europe, these styles will have their wearers look like outlandish yet elegant beings straight from the story books the Read More

Alternative Wedding Dresses For Unconventional Brides

  As weddings become more and more creative, more and more brides are also thinking outside the box when it comes to their gowns and now have their sights set on wearing alternative wedding dresses. White gowns are not the go-to wedding dresses anymore as a wide selection of dresses in various colors, designs and Read More

Gothic Wedding Dresses: Edgy and Mysterious

  For brides that exudes a gothic aura, they might also dream of a wedding dress fit to their style. Gothic fashion which is generally in the color of black can be described with words like mysterious, dark, eerie, edgy, etc. Gothic dresses originated from funeral dresses way back from the Victorian era. Nowadays, gothic Read More

Wear Dream-like Informal Wedding Dresses

  If the theme of the wedding does not aim for extravagance but simplicity and relaxed, wearing informal wedding dresses is ideal. These dresses are worn for a wedding wherein only the family and close friends are invited. It is more like a family gathering or get-together. There is no trouble in wearing these kinds Read More

Short Wedding Dresses with Color 2014

Short Wedding Dresses with Color

  Short wedding dresses with color are a new breakthrough in the world of fashion that is designed very lovely and enchanting. The beauty and the graciousness that radiates from the wedding dresses are fabulous. Increasingly viewed, more we interested to have very beautiful dresses. Because of this gown to the women give something different Read More

Traditional Wedding Dresses: The Classic

  Traditional wedding dresses are usually passed on to generation to generation. The style is a bit old fashioned but since it is a tradition, it would still look elegant especially when used in a church wedding. Also a traditional wedding dress could depend on the country. Some countries have very unique traditional clothing to Read More

Victorian Wedding Dresses: Class from the Past

  Victorian wedding dresses are known for their elegance and intricate design that can be adorned with stones or with satin bows. Popularized during the reign of Queen Victoria in England, wedding dresses of this style are best for soon-to-be brides who want to look elegant and timeless in their wedding day. No other wedding Read More