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Informal western style wedding dress

Going Rustic with Western Wedding Dresses

  A wedding is your best excuse to wear extravagantly. When it comes to a western wedding, it is best to pick western wedding dresses for their simple, rustic yet elegant appearance and is common in many weddings across the United States. Drawing in themes of simplicity elegance and a deep connection to the Earth, Read More

Go Green with Eco-Friendly Wedding Dresses

  Organic dresses Organic materials are not only completely wearable, they are durable and resistant to mould. For beach or other outdoor settings, you may opt for embroidered knee-length doll dress made of organic cotton. An evening gown made of hand-woven and naturally dyed organic silks, lined with organic cotton is another great option. You Read More

Casual Short Wedding Dresses

  Casual short wedding dresses are one of wedding dress style which popular nowadays. The reason is because when they use it, they feel much lighter than any wedding dress they have used. Normally, people who use wedding dress will felt something push their limit because of the tightness in some part of the dress Read More

‘In’ with Casual Wedding Dresses

  Casual wedding dresses are best for civil or beach weddings. Even with simple casual wedding dresses, a few touches of elegance can make a difference. They are available in different styles like strapless top or sleeves depending on the preference and personality of the bride-to-be. The casual wedding dresses complement the place of wedding Read More

Short Casual Wedding Dresses

  Short casual wedding dresses are a new style of wedding dress that will make the bride looks stunning. The designs in this type of wedding dress give the wearer distinct personality that will make them looks different from ordinary bride. The short design in this wedding dress is an innovation that makes this wedding Read More