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Wear Dream-like Informal Wedding Dresses

  If the theme of the wedding does not aim for extravagance but simplicity and relaxed, wearing informal wedding dresses is ideal. These dresses are worn for a wedding wherein only the family and close friends are invited. It is more like a family gathering or get-together. There is no trouble in wearing these kinds Read More

Marry on a Merry Season with a Christmas Wedding Dress

  What could be more heartwarming season for a wedding than Christmas? Having such magical aura of a winter wonderland, you need not worry what you will set the aisle ablaze with. The snow is a magnificent backdrop for Christmas wedding dresses. Raise some temperature with a long sleeved gown embroidered with lace or a Read More

The Old-fashioned Medieval Wedding Dresses

  Medieval is a European period that means the middle ages that lasted from the 5th century until the 15th century. Most medieval dresses preferred the colors such as bloody red, maroon blue and yellow or gold. The texture is velvety smooth and usually has a very thick layer. The elegant bodice are always fitted Read More

Wedding Dress Fit for a Princess

  Fondness of fairy tales can lead to a dream of feeling like a princess during a woman’s wedding. Of course, this starts with choosing the right princess wedding dress which is usually like a ball gown. These wedding dresses are inspired by princesses in fairy tales like Cinderella, the classic Princess Diana or the Read More

Hippie Wedding Dresses for Bohemian Brides

  Those who have always wanted a hippie themed wedding need not worry about finding the perfect gown because gorgeous hippie wedding dresses are becoming more popular these days. Their uniquely whimsical designs exude bohemian chic which perfectly suits a stylish and offbeat bride who wants her hippie personality to shine on her wedding day. Read More

‘In’ with Casual Wedding Dresses

  Casual wedding dresses are best for civil or beach weddings. Even with simple casual wedding dresses, a few touches of elegance can make a difference. They are available in different styles like strapless top or sleeves depending on the preference and personality of the bride-to-be. The casual wedding dresses complement the place of wedding Read More

Be A Stunner on Your Fancy Wedding Dress

  This floor-length dress always makes you look far from simple. Mermaid tail gowns are the most fascinating style for brides because their tail could flare out wildly with large overlying ruffles (usually made of silk, satin, or taffeta). This, in effect, brings forth your seductive womanly curves. It could be made even more striking Read More

Living a Fairy Tale with Fairy Wedding Dresses

  Unique, otherworldly and ethereal. These are but a few words one can describe Fairy Wedding Dresses. Commonly used in weddings in Europe, fairytale wedding gowns give off an elegant and regal aura using only the most simplistic of designs. Due to them looking like straight out from the story books, these gowns are best Read More

Funky Wedding Dresses For Fun Weddings

  Funky wedding dresses are for offbeat, stylish and daring brides who want a wedding gown as unique and fun as their personalities. After all, weddings are once-in-a-lifetime moments for most brides and what better way to celebrate it than be a one-of-a-kind bride in an unforgettable and show-stopping funky wedding dress. Funky wedding dresses Read More

Opt for Simple Wedding Dresses

  Simplicity is still the best when choosing wedding dresses simply because no one goes wrong being simple. It matches every bride regardless of her body figure, skin tone and height. Why should brides go for simple wedding dresses? Here are few of the reasons: Simple wedding dresses play up with brides’ body shape especially Read More

Traditional Wedding Dresses: The Classic

  Traditional wedding dresses are usually passed on to generation to generation. The style is a bit old fashioned but since it is a tradition, it would still look elegant especially when used in a church wedding. Also a traditional wedding dress could depend on the country. Some countries have very unique traditional clothing to Read More

Victorian Wedding Dresses: Class from the Past

  Victorian wedding dresses are known for their elegance and intricate design that can be adorned with stones or with satin bows. Popularized during the reign of Queen Victoria in England, wedding dresses of this style are best for soon-to-be brides who want to look elegant and timeless in their wedding day. No other wedding Read More

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