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Modest Lace Wedding Dress

Modest Wedding Dresses: Simply Beautiful

  If the bride is reserved and she just wanted a discreet wedding, she would probably opt for a modest wedding dress. This kind of wedding dress is very simple and not something flashy or that shows a lot of skin. It’s not required to be traditionally white but light colors will do as long Read More

Sweetheart Fairytale Style Wedding Dress

Fairytale Wedding Dresses: Making Dreams Come True

  Have you ever had the dream of having a fairytale theme for your wedding day? This would mean that you would certainly need to look the part with fairytale wedding dresses. Common in wedding across Europe, these styles will have their wearers look like outlandish yet elegant beings straight from the story books the Read More

Plus Size Non Traditional Wedding Dresses

Dazzle in Non Traditional Wedding Dresses

  Historically, brides from all around the world have gotten married in a wide spectrum of colorful wedding dresses – from the vivid hues of fuchsia, red and gold to regal shades of blue, purple and black. Back then, brides rarely purchased a wedding dress. Instead, to represent their standing in the society, they wore Read More

Informal western style wedding dress

Going Rustic with Western Wedding Dresses

  A wedding is your best excuse to wear extravagantly. When it comes to a western wedding, it is best to pick western wedding dresses for their simple, rustic yet elegant appearance and is common in many weddings across the United States. Drawing in themes of simplicity elegance and a deep connection to the Earth, Read More

The Hottest Beach Wedding Dresses

  If the beach is the place of the wedding, a bride will want a kind of beach wedding dresses that are light, comfortable but gorgeous. Here are some beach wedding dresses that are most fashionable for a beach wedding. Pleated silk chiffon gown are luxurious and romantic-looking that is easy for a wedding in Read More

Chic & Delicate Vintage Wedding Dresses

  A term “vintage” is applied to those things, especially clothing items, which were extremely popular and fashionable in the former decades and are presently coming back in trend. Vintage wedding dresses do not look all alike, since they may be inspired by different periods from the past. The theme and style of your wedding Read More

Exude Class in Retro Wedding Dresses

  For brides who wish to experience the culture and fashion of another time and get married with a theme that exudes everything wonderful about the glitz and glam of old Hollywood, classic feminine retro wedding dresses add the perfect vintage touch. Films depicting the opulent styling and glamorous fashion of the retro period have Read More

The Ceremonial Formal Wedding Dress

  Formal wedding dresses can also include the traditional and classic wedding dresses. Dresses are not too playful but exude elegance and strong femininity. They could look a bit prim and reserved but still compliments the bride. As usual, the A-line cut is a staple style in wedding dresses but the empire, column and mermaid Read More

Romantic Wedding Dresses for Dreamy Weddings

  Think of romantic wedding dresses and the words “fairy tale” and “happy ever after” come to mind. Romantic wedding dresses evoke enchanting princesses in magical ball gowns made with layers and layers of lavish and beautiful sheer fabric, delicate lace, exquisite beading, shimmering bodices and the prettiest shade of pink. Romantic wedding dresses come Read More

Alternative Wedding Dresses For Unconventional Brides

  As weddings become more and more creative, more and more brides are also thinking outside the box when it comes to their gowns and now have their sights set on wearing alternative wedding dresses. White gowns are not the go-to wedding dresses anymore as a wide selection of dresses in various colors, designs and Read More

Gorgeous Mermaid Style Wedding Dresses

  Mermaid style wedding dresses make brides look lovelier and special. The gorgeous mermaid dresses are perfect for the modern bride-to-be. It has curve appeals that accentuate the perfect hourglass shape of the body. Mermaid wedding dresses feature fitted styles then flairs out at the mid-thigh or the knees which create the glamorous effects. They Read More

A Classic Look with Renaissance Wedding Dresses

  The Renaissance Period was known for its advances in science, philosophy and fashion. In fact, the renaissance style wedding dresses were considered superior over other formal wear on the medieval age. Blending functionality, middle age sensibilities, and elegance, a wedding dress straight from the Renaissance will make any bride look like a prim and Read More

Gothic Wedding Dresses: Edgy and Mysterious

  For brides that exudes a gothic aura, they might also dream of a wedding dress fit to their style. Gothic fashion which is generally in the color of black can be described with words like mysterious, dark, eerie, edgy, etc. Gothic dresses originated from funeral dresses way back from the Victorian era. Nowadays, gothic Read More

Go Green with Eco-Friendly Wedding Dresses

  Organic dresses Organic materials are not only completely wearable, they are durable and resistant to mould. For beach or other outdoor settings, you may opt for embroidered knee-length doll dress made of organic cotton. An evening gown made of hand-woven and naturally dyed organic silks, lined with organic cotton is another great option. You Read More

Classic Wedding Dresses: Looking Classy and Timeless

  The wedding day is the day when a bride is given free reign as to how extravagant they would look. Classic wedding dresses are best recommended for brides who want to look elegant in their dresses for all time to come. Mixing various wedding gown styles across all ages, classic wedding gowns are highly Read More

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