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Short Champagne Wedding Dress Pictures

Short champagne wedding dresses

  It would be very appropriate to wear a dress in Greek or empire style for the outdoor celebration or an open-air wedding ceremony. Now these dresses are also available in shorter versions. But for the grander celebration, you might consider wearing a shortened version of a ball gown or an A-silhouette dress. And all Read More

Casual Short Purple Wedding Dresses

Short Purple Wedding Dresses

  Nowadays we are witnesses to changing wedding traditions. Brides no longer want to wear purely white or even ivory dresses, more and more of them tend to wear short colourful dresses – red, green, blue and even black. One more beautiful colour to choose for your wedding dress is purple. Nowadays we are witnesses Read More

Short brown wedding dresses

  A short brown wedding dress is a unique item. The thing is that it blends in with ant style: country, military, English or classic. Some may find this dress boring, casual and ineffective, but it is not even nearly so. The rightly chose accessories, shoes and additional decorative elements guarantee that you will be Read More

Short ivory wedding dresses

  If you belong to the type of brides who want to walk down the aisle wearing traditional white, you should take into account that there are tens of hundreds of different shades and tints of white. You can find any variation from snow-white to ivory. Each of these accentuates the bride’s beauty and symbolises Read More

Short blue wedding dresses

  In ancient times the blue colour symbolized trust, clarity and faithfulness. Today, when the traditions are more and more in the back ground, blue colour for a wedding becomes more and more popular. A lot of brides prefer a dark or light blue wedding dress to a white one. One of the main reasons Read More

Short grey wedding dresses

  Grey colour is traditionally viewed as too boring and dim for the wedding ceremony. But this year the grey colour is very much popular. Grey is tolerant to other colours, modern and moderate. The secret of wearing grey is in its right combination with other colours. Grey is a very complex colour, it is Read More

Short cream wedding dresses

  Cream dresses dominate on podiums all over the world. Clarity and minimalism of this colour allow creating any desirable combination and sustaining any image – from tender and sophisticated to passionate or even reserved. Cream dresses dominate on podiums all over the world. Clarity and minimalism of this colour allow creating any desirable combination Read More

Short Pink Wedding Dress

  Pink wedding dresses are nowadays a perfect alternative to classic white or beige dresses. Generally, such dresses are worn by eccentric natures who however do not want to give up their feminism and the idea of a traditional wedding. As it has been noticed, more and more brides refuse to wear long white dresses Read More

Short orange wedding dresses

  You may ask yourself: why should I choose an orange dress? The answer is quite simple. This color is always associated with relaxation, life energy, merry holiday and limitless happiness. The couples that choose orange color for the theme of their wedding are constantly under the influence of positive emotions and attempt to contaminate Read More

Short black wedding dresses

  Despite the fact that a lot of famous designers have already presented their splendid models of short black wedding dresses on the world catwalks, modern brides still treat such attires rather with caution. And part of the reason for this is the stereotype of society and the alleged custom to wear a white wedding Read More

Short yellow wedding dresses

  Colourful wedding dresses have long since won over the popularity. Yellow colour is mostly suitable for the autumn wedding. The autumn brides choose from golden to red dresses, and yellow is amid the variety. This colour adds up to the brightness and modernity of the wedding. There is a superstition that yellow attracts prosperity Read More

Short gold wedding dresses

  Golden colour is considered to be the warmest, the most expensive and the most luxurious one. This colour is deep and blinding, it reminds of a stream of melted metal that cannot be stopped. Gold is a symbol of youth and divinity. It is the colour of gods. Being the colour of divine being, Read More

Short green wedding dresses

  Green colour invokes in our mind the images of spring, rebirth, youth and blooming. A short green dress is like an explosion of colour. Such a dress will make the bride stand out from others. After the wedding you might be able to wear it anywhere you wish: to a cocktail party, to an Read More

Short red wedding dresses

  A red wedding dress was customary in ancient Rome. Roman brides wore red veils for the wedding day, because it was believed that they would bring prosperity and happiness to the married couple. This tradition was also fallowed in Albania, Armenia and Greece. Chinese brides consider red to be a happy colour, that is Read More

Short emerald wedding dresses

  Apart from styles, cut details and features, the important part is given to a colour while choosing a dress. One of the most inviting, bright and enchanting colours is emerald. An emerald dress is appropriate for any occasion, be it a friend’s wedding or a business meeting. Now you may also wear a short Read More